AIRPlan is a simple way to pay for compressed air as a consistent monthly utility.

It’s the latest way to supply your production with reliable compressed air. How is it different, you might ask? As with all of our systems, we work with you to determine the air you need and we will provide everything you need to meet that demand requirement. The best part is you only pay for the air itself! Atlas Copco owns, monitors, and provides all the maintenance needed for the equipment.

This is a true turn key solution allowing you to focus efforts on your production, not your compressed air.




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Do You Fear...

  • That your needs have changed since you purchased your current compressor? 
  • What would happen if your current compressor was off-line?
  • Suffering product losses due to running short on compressed air?
  • Delaying essential service because you cannot afford to shut down production?


No Back Up? No Budget?
Say YES to AIRPlan!