Is Your Dryer OverDew for a Checkup – or a Replacement?

Have you noticed that the temperatures are getting warmer and the humidity is getting higher? As summer hits, the dew point increases; this means your dryer is working harder than ever to eliminate this excessive moisture. And if your dryer isn’t doing its job, you’ll start to experience excessive moisture in your compressed air – which isn’t ideal.

It’s easy for your dryer to overdew it in these conditions. That’s where we come in.

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Looking into replacing your existing dryer? Check out our new biggest dryer innovations of the decade dryers-hand-06

Meet the New FD VSD 100-300 Refrigerant Dryer

The new FD VSD 100-300 is in line with our engineering principles of bringing improvements to our customers and taking technology to the next level. This is the right product for the right application - with no need to compromise.

  • Meets ISO 8573-1 class 4 Purity
  • Allows for fluctuating air demand, rather than running at full load
  • Low, stable pressure dew point below 40F
  • Performs in any conditions – even those with high ambient temperatures
  • Available in a mix of size ranges, from 212-636 cfm

A compressed air dryer that’s not optimized for efficiency can add at least 10% to your overall energy bill, but an efficient compressed air dryer will add only a maximum of 2% to your overall energy bill!

Meet the New CD 20-335+ (CD+) Cerades Desiccant Dryer

Cerades represents a quantum leap in dryer performance and maintenance. Desiccant has not changed in decades, but the new Cerades desiccant outperforms traditional desiccant on every level.

  • Cerades desiccant lasts around 2 years longer than traditional desiccant
  • Only requires a desiccant change every 7 years
  • Eliminates the health and environmental hazards associated with traditional desiccant
  • Lowers pressure drops by up to 70%
  • Operates continuously with 100% airflow

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Choosing Between a Cycling and VSD Dryer

Good news - we have a webinar for that! A dryer is essential for high-quality compressed air.  We explored some of the key differences between the different technologies and provided a checklist of key things to consider when choosing the right one for your facility. Listen to the webinar here.

Not Sure if a Refrigerant or Desiccant Dryer is Right for You?

Download What’s New in Compressed Air Drying?, our short whitepaper that outlines what you need to consider when selecting a dryer - and how new technology has driven both products to the next level.